List of products by manufacturer DELCO REMY

Doctor Car's Quality Rating?


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OEM Quality Certified?

YES - Remy parts are certified to a quality standard which matches or exceeds the original factory-fitted part.

OE Supplier?

YES -  Remy supplies factory-fitted parts for vehicle manufacturers.

Company Origin?


Where is it Manufactured?

Various factories around the world. 


"the emergence of the "horseless carriage" in 1896 when brothers Frank and Perry Remy developed the Remy Magneto to power the first vehicles and establish Remy at the top of manufacturers’ supplier lists"

Anything else I should know?

Remy specialise in supplying alternators, starter motors, driveshafts, steering racks, power steering pumps and brake calipers. Much of their product range is remanufactured units, although recent advances in low cost manufacturing mean many parts such as CV Joints are now becoming available as new.


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