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OEM Quality Certified?

YES - Bprg & Beck parts are certified to a quality standard which matches or exceeds the original factory-fitted part.

OE Supplier?

NO -  As far as we know, Borg & Beck do not currently supply factory-fitted parts to vehicle manufacturers.

Company Origin?

Germany. Brand taken over by UK company First Line in 2006

Where is it Manufactured?

Various factories around the world. 


Charles Borg and Marshall Beck started their tool company in 1903, which by 1910 was supplying the first sliding clutch to over a dozen car makers.

Anything else I should know?

Borg and Beck is a well known brand having been around 100 years. Borg & Beck and traditionally well known for good quality clutches, but since the brand was aquired by First Line the braking range has grown in strength.


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