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What are Alternator Drive Belts?

Alternator Belts are also called: Fan belts, Serpentine Belt, Drive Belts, V-Belt.


Drive Belt     This is the generic term for the any car belt which 'drives' some other component. This component could be: Alternator, Power Steering Pump etc
Alternator Belt 

Drives the alternator. Since nearly all cars have a belt-driven alternator, the term "alternator belt" is commonly used to describe the car's main drive belt. Depending on the setup, this same 'alternator belt' will also 'drive' other components like power steering, air con etc

Fan Belt

This is an older term for a drive belt. It originates from the fact that older vehicles used to have a belt-driven fan. Most modern vehicles have moved toward electric fans now but the term 'Fan Belt' has stuck and is still used daily by many motorists and traders alike.

Serpentive Belt

This is a type of 'multi-rib' belt. It usually refers to a longer belt which 'winds' round all the various driven pulleys like the alternator, air con compressor and power steering pump.

Air Con Condenser Belt

Dedicated belt to drive the air conditioning compressor. Modern car's usually don't have a seperate air con belt, and the compressor is instead driven by the main drive/alternator belt.

Power Steering BeltDedicated belt to drive the power steering pump. Modern car's usually don't have a seperate power steering belt, and the pump is instead driven by the main drive/alternator belt.
Injection Pump BeltDedicated belt to drive the injection pump.
Water Pump BeltDedicated belt which drives the water pump. Mainly found on older cars.

The Main Types of Drive Belts?

V-Belt / Grooved BeltThe shape of this belt is tapered (like a V) to fit into a grooved pulley. These belts are usually shorted and are used for driving single components as opposed to the serpentive belt which would drive multiple components. 
Multi-Rib BeltsThese belts have ribs (or multiple grooves) running along the belt. The number of ribs (or grooves) are often depicted in the part number e.g. 5pk1315 where '5pk' relates to a 5-ribbed belt and 1315 related to the fact it is 1315mm long.

To learn more about drive belts, here is a good article drive belts

Belts, Belt Tensioners and Pulleys from Doctor Car Parts

Doctor car parts sell belts for nearly all cars, but below is a list of our most popular belts and tensioners:

Citroen C3 Alternator Belt

Rover 75 Alternator Belt

Hyundai Getz Alternator Belt

Daewoo Matiz Alternator belt

Vauxhall Insignia Alternator Belt

Honda Jazz Alternator Belt

Fiat Grande Punto Alternator Belt

Suzuki Jimny Alternator Belt

Toyota Yaris & Avensis Alternator Belt

Nissan Micra Alternator Belt

Vw Polo Alternator Belt

Suzuki Grand Vitara Alternator Belt

Vauxhall Astra Alternator Belt Tensioner

Vw polo Alternator Belt Tensioner

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